History Of Henry County, Iowa

Western Historical Company 1879.


  • Yakle, B. in Tippecanoe TWP
  • Yakle, F. in Tippecanoe TWP
  • Yakle, Luke in Tippecanoe TWP
  • Yancy, Ambrose in Canaan TWP
  • Yner, John in Mt. Pleasant City
  • Yoakum, H. B. in Mt. Pleasant City
  • Yoder, Phillip in Wayne TWP
  • Yoder, Samuel in Mt. Pleasant City
  • Youndt, Andrew in New London TWP
  • Young, Edward D. in Scott TWP
  • Young, J. W. in Canaan TWP
  • Young, N. A. J. in Mt. Pleasant City
  • Young, Robert in Marion TWP
  • Young, Robert A. in Wayne TWP
  • Young, William in Mt. Pleasant City
  • Young, William in Marion TWP
  • Young, William P. in Marion TWP
  • Yount, Thomas J. in Trenton TWP
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