The History of Mahaska County, Iowa 1878

This book contains a variety of information (some I haven't yet got here). Included in the book is a listing of individuals in townships. The information on the individuals varies from short statements of name and P. O. to several paragraphs. I have tried to make an index of the individuals with their corresponding townships to help in locating individuals. I have also tried to list individuals in the townships in alphabetical order. Some of the last names have multiple words in English. I simply used two rules: 1. shorter words come before longer words; 2. I followed the order of the letters I learned when a tot. I know these two rules are not strictly correct but it is how most people would search for names, especially names in languages they may not know.

If you know what township or city the person lived in, you can go directly to the township and scan down the alphabetical listing. If you DON'T know which township or city, you can glance through the Alphabetical Name List to find the township and THEN go to the township listing. My comments are in [].

Alphabetical Name List with Townships (Almost 3100 individuals listed)


  • Adams township

  • Black Oak township

  • Cedar township

  • Des Moines township

  • East Oskaloosa township

  • Eddyville

  • Harrison township

  • Jefferson township

  • Madison township

  • Monroe township

  • New Sharon

  • Oskaloosa township

  • Pleasant Grove township

  • Prairie township

  • Richland township

  • Scott township

  • Union township

  • West Oskaloosa township

  • White Oak township

  • Other things from the book

  • General Elliott W. Rice History

  • V. B. Delashmutt picture

  • Mathew Picken picture

  • Christian Houtz picture

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