U. G. Deck, b. 1868

U. G. Deck, a retired farmer, now filling the office of county recorder- which came to him unsolicited- has a record which many might be proud to possess, characterized as it is by fidelity to duty and by persistent purpose that exerted along well defined lines of labor has led to success. Starting out empty-handed and with the care of several younger children devolving upon him, he has steadily worked his way upward and his labors have at length won reward in a very desirable competence and the respect and esteem of his fellowmen. He was born February 28, 1868, in Carroll county, Ohio. His father, Martin T. Deck, born in Germany, came to the United States with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Deck, when three years of age. Having attained his majority he entered a claim of eighty acres in Carroll county, located thereon and made the place his home until 1878, when he came to Iowa and settled on what was known as the Rothell farm, five and a half miles northwest of Oskaloosa. About six months before his death he removed to another farm which he had purchased about six miles southeast of Oskaloosa, and there died soon afterward. He was an industrious, energetic and progressive farmer, who by earnest and well directed efforts accumulated a handsome competency leaving his family well provided for. In politics he was a stanch republican, eager for the success of his party and ever lending a helping hand to further its inwrests. He never sought office for himself but gave unfaltering support to the party candidates. Before his marriage he had spent about five years engaged successfully in merchandising in Colorado, and for a short time was in the gold mines, but his attention through life was chiefly given to his farming interests. He stood high in the regard of friends and neighbors and was uniformly respected. He was conservative in his opinions, never bitterly aggressive and through his devotion to principles of right and duty made an honored name. He wedded Maggie J. Harper, who was born near New Cumberland, Ohio, and was of Irish parentage. She held membership in the Presbyterian church and died October 7, 1881, at the age of forty-six years. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Deck were born nine children: Allison F., a farmer of Spring Creek township, this county; Ira E., of Atkinson, Nebraska; U. G., of this review; Corn L., the wife of Worth McWhinney, a merchant of Clay county, In- diana; William L., a farmer of Bussey, Marion county; Maggie L., living in Sedalia, Missouri; Clara D., deceased; Burchard H., who has served in the United States regular army, and is now in Ottumwa, Iowa; and Maud B., who died at the age of four years. To a limited extent U. G. Deck attended the common schools of Madison township, but is largely self-educated and has had to depend upon the school of experience for the instruction which has fitted him for life's practical and responsible duties. After the death of his mother he did the work of the household, cooking, etc. He was reared to the occupation of farming, which has been his life work save for a brief period devoted to the operation of a mine upon a farm which he purchased in 1897, in Garfield township about a half mile west of Beacon. As the years went by his earnest and indefatigable labor brought to him capital sufficient to justify his purchase of land and beginning farming on his own account he has prospered in his undertakings, becoming the owner of good land which he brought under a high state of cultivation. He now lives upon a tract of land of ten acres which he purchased when removing to Oskaloosa in 1903, on which he has built one of the modern residences of the city. On the 10th of September, 1890, Mr. Deck was married to Miss Minnie H. Tullis, who was born in Mahaska county in 1871, a daughter of William H. and Anna Tullis. Her father was one of the pioneer farmers of the county and a veteran of the Civil war. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Deck have been born four children: Harry E., May M., Ralph M. and Helen G. The parents are members of the Methodist Episcopal church and Mr. Deck belongs to the Masonic fraternity and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. In politics he is an earnest republican. He has held several township offices and in 1904 was elected to the office of county recorder, which position he is now ably and satisfactorily filling and which came to him unsolicited. Free from ostentation and display he is nevertheless a progressive citizen.


from Past and Present of Mahaska County, Iowa by Manoah Hedge The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1906 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is filled with errors

This is a good example showing that you should always try to double check facts. Please read parts of this e-mail that I appreciated receiving from Patrick Deck.

Dear Sirs;

The article on U.G. Deck of Mahaska, Iowa written years ago is chock full of errors. I just now found out after the original copy was emailed to me by my stepsister. U.G. Deck was the brother of my late Grandfather William Martin Deck (1871-1956). The article has got two different Martin Deck's intertwined with one another. Martin Theodore Deck (U.G.'s father) was not born in Germany, but was born in Ohio in 1833. The other Martin Deck was born in France in 1829. Martin T. Deck's parents were no German but French.

Martin T Deck was married to Margaret J Cochrane whose father was from Ireland, the article states that his wife was Maggie J Harper, there were so many errors that I almost lost track. The most bizarre fact that I was able to find was that Martin Deck of France ended up being buried in Mahaska, Iowa, the same place where the father of Martin T Deck finally settled down before his death.

Like I stated earlier, Martin Deck was born in France in 1829 while Martin T Deck was born in Ohio in 1833. The 1880 Census bares out all the facts on both individuals. The original article on my Great Uncle was written some time around the turn of the century and it is beyond me, how he could have gotten it all wrong.

Sorry if I gave you my Headache.

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