ALLEN FAULKNER, b. 20Feb1843, d. 1Apr1894


from Past and Present of Mahaska County, Iowa by Manoah Hedge The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1906

Allen Faulkner, who was a respected and worthy resident of Mahaska county, was born in Greene county, Ohio, February 20, 1843, and died April 1, 1894. His grandparents were Thomas and Mary (McGuire) Faulkner. The former was born in Virginia, November 8, 1787, and was married August 7, 1834. He died April 16, 1871, and his wife passed away July 5, 1873, at the age of eighty-three years. He was born and reared in the Society of Friends, but was disowned by the church be- cause he married outside of the faith. He then embraced the faith of the Christian church and was one of its main supporters in Ohio. His parents were Jonathan and Elizabeth (Stephens) Faulkner, the former born in Vir- ginia, March 27, 1812. and the latter in Ohio, January 15, 1809. The mother died July 8, 1857, and after her death Mr. Faulkner was married to Elizabeth Hardsock, who also died in Ohio. His third wife was Kate Carter, whom he wedded in Ohio, and who is still living in that state, to which she returned after the death of Mr. Faulkner in New Sharon. He was a well-to-do man and purchased land in Iowa several years before he came to this state to take up his abode. In 1875 he removed to Mahaska county, where he owned three hundred and twenty acres of land in Union township. His attention was given to the further development and improvement of the property for a few years, after which he retired to New Sharon, where he passed away. In his family were, six children: Warren, who was born May 15, 1835, and is now living in Grinnell, Iowa; Thomas, born October 16, 1839; Allen, of this review; Reece, who was born October 22, 1844, and died September 19, 1846; Lucinda Ann, who was born January 12, 1848; and Sallie Mary, born March 11, 1850. Allen Faulkner was educated in the common schools of Ohio, where he lived with his par- ents until he had reached man's estate. He then came to Iowa to look after land belonging to his father. On the 30th of May, 1872, he was married to Miss Mary V. Taylor, who was born in Bedford county, Pennsylvania, November 21, 1853, a daughter of Alexander and Sarah (Burns) Taylor. The father was born in Pennsylvania, December 13, 1824, and the mother in the Keystone state, March 29, 1831. They came to Iowa in 1858, settling in Keo- kuk county, and later removed to Kansas, but afterward returned to Jasper county, Iowa, where Mr. Taylor made his home until he re- tired from active business life and went to live in New Sharon. There he died in 1871 and Mrs. Taylor now makes her home with Mrs. Faulkner. In the family were six children: James B. who is living in Wichita, Kansas; Mrs. Faulkner; George E., who is a resident of Linnville, Iowa; John, who resides in York, Nebraska; Elmer E., who makes his home in Grinnell, Iowa; and Della, the wife of Charles Rogers, a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After his marriage Mr. Faulkner lived in Poweshiek county, Iowa, for four years, then came with his family to the farm of his father in Union township Mahaska county. This was an improved tract of land of three hun- dred and twenty acres of which he eventually became the owner. He built here a large frame house and barn and was one of the successful and leading agriculturists of that community, carrying on his work in practical manner and with due regard to system. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner were born five children: Ora V., who was born September 8, 1873, died at the age of nineteen years. Lor- ing H., born October 3, 1875, married Miss Lillian Fisher and is living on a farm adjoining the home place. Elmer L. G., born February 5, 1878, married Miss Grace Sarver, and resides upon the home farm in Union township; Tay- lor, born December 23, 1887, married Agnes McDowell and lives upon the home farm. Lelia, born April 10, 1893, is with her mother. Mr. Faulkner was a republican but not an aspirant for office and never held any public position save that of school officer. He belonged to the Methodist Episcopal church, in which he was an active and earnest worker and his life was that of a sincere Christian man. He enjoyed the confidence and good will of all who knew him and his death was deeply regretted, when, in 1894, he was called to his final rest. His widow still occupies the home farm and the family is one highly respected in the com- munity.

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