A. J. JEWELL, b. 14Feb1830


from Past and Present of Mahaska County, Iowa by Manoah Hedge The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1906

Hon. A. J. Jewell, who is proprietor of the Elmwood farm, a well known and valuable property of one hundred acres, is numbered among the old citizens of the county, having lived in this part of the state since the fall of 1855. He is now successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits and is also an active factor in public life. At one time he represented his district in the state legislature and has on various occasions been a valued factor in support of progressive, public movements. Mr. Jewell was born in Ohio, February 14, 1830, and is a son of Stephen Jewell, a native of Pennsylvania and a son of Jonathan Jewell, who was born in New Jersey. The paternal grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier for seven years and the Jewell family comes of English ancestry, having been established in New Jersey at an early period in the colonization of the new world. Jonathan Jewell removed from New Jersey to Pennsylvania and afterward became one of the early settlers of Licking county, Ohio, taking up his abode in the midst of the forest, where he cleared and developed a farm. Stephen Jewell was married in Pennsylvania to Elizabeth Martin; a native of the Keystone state. Mr. Jewell was a farmer of Ohio and there reared his family, spending his life there, his death occurring about 1868. His wife had died some years before and he was married a second time. A. J. Jewell was reared in Licking county. He was given gvod school advantages, attending common schools and afterward Martinsburg College. He learned the carpenter's and joiners trade in early life and afterward carried on business as a contractor and builder for three years. Ambitious and energetic to win success he accordingly embraced every opportunity for honorable advancement. Mr. Jewell was married near Martinsburg, Ohio, in 1855 to Miss Jane Wilson, a native of Licking county and a daughter of Robert Wilson. Following their marriage they removed to Iowa, settling in Oskaloosa, where Mr. Jewell was connected with building operations for a time. His first contract was for the building of a barn for Dan Nelson in the winter of 1855-56. He continued in business as a contractor and builder for several years but eventually bought a farm near Oskaloosa, locating thereon and began the improvement and development of the land, at the same time carrying on building pursuits. While living upon that farm he lost his first wife. Later he sold the property and purchased where he now resides. He fenced the place, erected a good dwelling and barn and has brought the farm under a high state of cultivation. In 1860 he returned to Ohio and resided there for two and a half years, during which time he volunteered to serve with others in the protection of Cincinnati, which was threatened by an invasion of the rebels. His company was called the Squirrel Hunters and numbered some twenty thousand men. They were in the service for about a month and were then discharged. Later Mr. Jewell returned to his farm in Mahaska county and has since given his attention to general agricultural pursuits. He has one hundred acres of rich and productive land, situated on section 22, Spring Creek township, known as the Elmwood farm. Here in connection with his son, P. J, Jewell, he is engaged in the raising and breeding of stock and both are men of good business ability, who are meeting with success in their undertakings. By his first marriage Mr. Jewell had one son, Charles Jewell, who is married and resides in Utica, Ohio, where he is engaged in the hardware business. For his second wife A. J. Jewell chose Maria Williamson, who was born in Ohio but was reared in Iowa. Her death occurred upon the home farm in Spring Creek township, October 22, 1896. By this marriage there were two children who reached adult age. Pliny A. Jewell, who was married in Mahaska county in 1884 to Etta Mitchell, who was born and reared here and is now engaged in farming and stock-raising with his father. The daughter, Ada, became the wife of W. L. Campbell and died, leaving one son. On the 1st of March, 1898, Mr. Jewell was married to Nellie Kennedy, a native of Lee county, Iowa, and a daughter of Josiah Kennedy, one of the early settlers of the state. He married Julia Ann Scott, the first white child born in Scott county, Illinois. Politically Mr. Jewell was reared a democrat and cast his first presidential ballot for Franklin Pierce in 1852. His next vote, however, supported John C. Fremont, the first republican candidate in 1856, and he voted for each nonminee at the head of the republican ticket since that time, being in hearty sympathy with the principles and policy of the party. He has been called to various local offices and in 1889 he was elected representative from his district to the state legislature, serving in the house for one term, during which time he was a member of numerous important committees, discharging the duties of his position with credit and distinction. He was at one time a member of the United Presbyterian church, but now belongs to the Methodist Episcopal church. One of the well known men of Mahaska county, he has resided here for a half century, and has aided materially in its upbuilding and progress. He is regarded as one of the public-spirited men and has wielded a wide influence, his efforts ever standing for right, progress and improvement. His wife is a lady of cultured and refined tastes and gives excellent supervision to her attractive home. Mr. Jewell has now passed the seventy-fifth milestone on life's journey and at all times has commanded the respect and esteem of his feliowmen and is today accounted one of the representative citizens of his community.

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