W. W WRIGHT, M. D., b. 09 Nov 1867


from Past and Present of Mahaska County, Iowa by Manoah Hedge The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1906

Dr. W. W. Wright is one of the young active members of the medical fraternity of Mahaska county practicing in Rose Hill, where he has remained for the past nine years. He is a native son of Mahaska county, his birth having occurred in the city of Oskaloosa, November 9, 1867. His father, Alexander Wright, was a native of Ohio, in which state he was reared. There he wedded Mary Brown, a native of Virginia, born at Harper's Ferry. He later removed to Illinois, where he engaged in contracting and building, and he still makes his home in Oskaloosa, where for a long period he has been connected with building operations. Dr. Wright was reared in Oskaloosa and was a public-school student there. He later took up the study of medicine and attended the State University at Iowa City, being graduated in the medical department with the class of 1897. He then located at Rose Hill and began the practice of medicine here. In the years which have since come and gone, he has built up a good business in the village and surrounding country and is numbered among the capable physicians of the county. Dr. Wright was happily married in Rose Hill on the 11th of October, 1904, to Miss Lois Slocum, a native of Mahaska county, who was reared and educated in Oskaloosa. She is a daughter of Eugene Slocum and a grand-daughter of Dr. Jarvis, one of the first settlers and a pioneer physician in Mahaska county, who for three years was also a merchant at Rose Hill. He is mentioned elsewhere in this marriage: Homer G., who is a graduate of Penn College of 1900 and is now a member of the class of 1907 in Rush Medical College at Chicago; Ethel C., who is a graduate of Penn College of the class of 1902 and has studied for two years in Germany and France, while at the present time she is serving as professor of mod- ern languages in her alma mater; Lucile, who completed a course in Penn College with the class of 1905 Frank K., who died in childhood; and Helen, who is attending school. Professor Rosenberger gives his political allegiance to the republican party and has been a close and earnest student of the questions of the day, keeping in touch with the trend of modern thought along political and other lines. He is a member of the Society of Friends and his efforts in behalf of the cause and its advancement have been far-reaching and beneficial. Under his guidance Penn College has made continuous progress, for he believes in maintaining a high standard of scholarship, in employing competent teachers and putting forth every possible effort to make the school a preparation for the responsible duties of life, developing the physical and moral nature of the student as well as the intellectual. He is himself a man of broad scholarly attainments, whose collegiate training has been supplemented by his extensive reading, research and investigation in later years. Moreover, he is imbued with humanitarian principles and there is in him an abiding sympathy and charity which has gained for him the respect and trust of his fellowmen.

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