Alpheus B. CONAWAY, b. May 12, 1849


biography from Portrait & Biographical Album of Mahaska Co., Iowa, 1887

ALPHEUS B. CONAWAY, M. D., residing at New Sharon, is a native of Harrison County, Ohio, and was born May 12, 1849. His father, Aaron Conaway, a native of Maryland, went to Ohio with his parents when a small boy, and in 1835 was united in marriage with Dorcas Busby, a native of Harrison County. He is a farmer by occupation, but was admitted to the bar several years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Conaway still reside at the old home near Cadiz, the former having attained the age of seventy-nine, and the latter seventy-seven years. They are the parents of fourteen children, six of whom are living, as follows: Michael, a farmer and blacksmith, near Scio, Ohio; John B., a physician at Smithfield, Ohio; Henry O., a physician, resides at Des Moines, and is Professor of Obstetrics in Duke University; Rachel M., wife of James F. Welsh, a farmer, resides in Harrison County, Ohio; Belinda C., wife of William Burier, a farmer, also resides in Harrison County, Ohio. The subject of this sketch, Alpheus B. Conaway, is the youngest of the living children. His early life was spent on the farm, during which time he attended school, and, being an apt scholar, began teaching at the age of fourteen. He afterward worked in a sawmill for a short time, and followed railroading thirteen months. At the age of seventeen he entered a general store at Dennison, Ohio, and served as clerk for two years, and during this time began and pursued the study of medicine, afterward attending lectures at the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery, and graduated from that institution Feb. 22, 1873. He afterward rode with his brother, Dr. J. B. Conaway, and practiced his profession until the fall of 1874, when he attended the Eclectic Medical College at Cincinnati, graduating therefrom May 12, 1875. June 24, 1875, Dr. Conaway was united in marriage with Miss Josephine C. Cahill, and immediately located at East Springfield, Ohio, where he practiced medicine nearly three years, and then removed to Minerva, Stark Co., Ohio, where he remained only one year, on account of the ill-health of his family, removing to Lucas when his brother, Dr. H. O., was about to leave that point, and succeeded him in a very lucrative practice. Here he worked hard early and late, and Aucceeded in saving $2,000, which he loaned to a friend, and which was never returned. In the fall of 1880 the Doctor sold his practice and the good-will of his business to Dr. J. K. Rhumell, who had been a student in his office, and came to Iowa with the intention of locating at Thornburg, but not succeeding in getting suitable rooms at that place he came to New Sharon, Jan. 28, 1881, and at once received a good practice. Trouble, it seems, never comes singly, and shortly after coming to Iowa the Doctor had his horse stolen, and later on, when he had again saved some money, he invested it in a livery barn, which, with its contents, was destroyed by fire. But notwithstanding these misfortunes the Doctor did not despair, but continued his labors, apparently as cheerfully as if nothing had occurred. In September, 1881, the Chair of Anatomy in Drake University was tendered him, and declined. In 1882 the Chair of Obstetrics in the same institution was tendered him, which he accepted and held for two years. When he accepted this position, his brother, Dr. H. O., removed from Deep River to New Sharon, and joined him in his practice. In 1883 Dr. H. O. accepted the Chair of Anatomy in Drake University, and as this left Dr. A. B. alone in his large practice, he was compelled to resign his position that he might give his whole attention to his business at home. Later on he was made emeritus Professor of Obstetrics, and Lecturer on Venereal Diseases, upon which branches he delivers five lectures each month. Dr. Conaway is a member of the Iowa State Eclectic Medical Association, also a member of the National Eclectic Medical Association, and in June, 1886, represented the State of Iowa and Drake University at the annual session of the Eclectic Medical Association, at Atlanta, Ga., and was successful in gaining full recognition for the medical department of Drake University, as the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted, shows: Resolved, That the medical department of Drake University, properly known as the Iowa Medical College, be hereby recognized by this association as a sister institute of the eclectic faith, and that henceforth it be entitled to representation and all other honors enjoyed by other medical colleges recognized by this association. In his political relations the Doctor is a Republican, and a stanch, unwavering supporter of the party. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and at present Worshipful Master of Mahaska Lodge No. 336, at New Sharon; also a member of Hiram Chapter No. 6, R. A. M., and Commandery No. 6. K. T., at Oskaloosa. He is a member of the K. of P., of which he has been Chancellor Commander, and a member of Smithfield Lodge No. 519, I. O. O. F.. of which he was the first Noble Grand. Dr. and Mrs. Conaway have one son, Clyde, born April 7, 1877. Dr. Conaway is a self-made man in every sense of the word, and the incidents related in this biography are an indication of a firmness of purpose and a will power that will not permit him to stop short of impossibilities. Reverses that would daunt an ordinary man are to him a stimulus for harder work and closer application. He is a success in his profession because an enthusiast and a close student. He enjoys the confidence and esteem of all who know him because of his manly manliness.

Portrait & Biographical Album of Mahaska Co., Iowa, 1887

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