Casper DRURY, b. 1832


biography from Portrait & Biographical Album of Mahaska Co., Iowa, 1887

CASPER DRURY, of Union Township, was born in Baden, Germany, in 1832, emigrated to this country in the year 1852, and made his first location in Lincoln County, Ohio, remaining there one year, then removed to Jefferson County, and worked on a farm for his uncle, Raymond Drury, for two years; from there went to Harrison County and engaged in farm work for one George Gott eighteen months, then came to this county and went to work for Samuel McMasters, continuing with him for fourteen months, and with Charles Gossage for eighteen months, and removing to Montezuma, engaged with John Myers for one year, after which he located on his present farm in the year 1862. During that year he was united in marriage with Miss Tacey Snyder, after which five children were born to them: Andrew, John and Mary are at home; Lemuel and an infant unnamed are deceased. His wife died in the year 1870, and in 1876 he chose as his second wife Miss Sarah Sumner. There have been two children by this marriage, Clyde and Anna Bell, the latter deceased. Mr. Drury is a Democrat, and has voted that ticket since the first. His home farm consists of 107 acres of excellent land, all in a high state of cultivation and well improved, His early life was one of toil, struggle and privation, but he possesses in a great degree the pluck and energy of his race, and has made a success where men would ordinarily be discouraged. Industry, honesty and economy have conduced to bring about this most desirable result. The neighbors, friends and acquaintances generally, esteem Mr. Drury as a first-class citizen.

Portrait & Biographical Album of Mahaska Co., Iowa, 1887

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