Edward W. GRINSTEAD, b. 17June1817


biography from Portrait & Biographical Album of Mahaska Co., Iowa, 1887

EDWARD W. GRINSTEAD, a farmer and stock trader, residing on section 4, Cedar Township, was born in Warren County, Ky., June 17, 1817, and is the son of Richard and Fran- ces (Potter) Grinstead. The former was a native of Virginia, and a soldier in the War of 1812, and died in Jennings County, Ind., in 1878, at the ad- vanced age of eighty-seven years. the latter was a native of Kentucky, and died about the year 1868, in Davis County, Iowa, at the age of sixty- seven years. The subject of this sketch came to Davis County, Iowa, May 6, 1849, and remained there until 1881, and then removed to this county. In 1862, March 1, Mr. Grinstead enlisted in the Missouri State Militita, United States Service, in Company C, commanded by Capt. Edwards, as a private soldier, but performed the duties of a Ser- geant through his entire period of enlistment. He was in the battles of Kirksville and Bloomfield, Mo., and Cape Girardean. In Davis County, Iowa, in the year 1862, under orders of his superior offi- cer, he arrested two men, who made a vigorous at- tempt to escape and finally succeeded, but not until he had fought bravely to keep them. Both were armed with revolvers, and fired at him eight times, four of the shots taking effect, one through his left hand, one through the left side of the face, taking out a portion of the lower jaw and some teeth, and lodging near the jugular vein, just below the ear; one in the left side, this ball striking a memoran- dum book at least half an inch thick, passing through the book and lodging in his side, and one through the right arm below the elbow, breaking one bone of the arm. Notwithstanding his severe wounds, he was compelled to walk three-fourths of a mile, the rebels having taken his horse, before he could receive assistance and care, which he did at a private house, where he remained until he was able to be taken home. He was wounded Dec. 16,1862, and rejoined his command April 1, 1863, receiving his discharge May 15, 1863, and is to-day a cripple for life, yet a man of considerable activity. Mr. Grinstead was married to Elizabeth Ross, March 16, 1837. She was born in Rockbridge County, Va., in 1816, and three children were born to them; James L., Thomas F. and Elizabeth. James L. and Thomas both served in the late war for the Union, the former three years, and the lat- ter over four years; both were gallant soldiers, who did their duty on every occasion. The mother of these children died in Jefferson County, md., in 1843, and Dec,. 31, 1844, he was again married. to Susan Smith, born in Montgomery, Ky., Feb. 11, 1822. Eight children have been born to them: Margaret A,, born Dec. 8,1845, died Sept. 1,1858; Calvin S., born May 17, 1847; Nancy Jane, Sept. 22, 1849; John H. C., May 17, 1852; Viola I., born Nov. 24. 1854, died Sept. 17, 1855; George W., born Aug. 14, 1856; Edward C., May 24, 1859; Abraham L., born May 30, 1863, died Aug. 18, 1864; Mary L., born July 16, 1867, died Sept. 26, 1876. Mr. Grinstead is a member of the G. A. R., and politically a Republican. He held the office of Con- stable in Jefferson County, Ind., and Davis County, Iowa, for many years, and was a terror to all law- breakers, and fearless in the discharge of his duties. He owns 130 acres of land, in good cultivation, with excellent improvements, which he farms profit- ably. He is highly regarded in the section where he lives, and enjoys the esteem of all who know him. Mr. Grinstead has been a very extensive stock-dealer in times past, having bought and sold stock to the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Portrait & Biographical Album of Mahaska Co., Iowa, 1887

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