Hon. C. J. JACKSON, b. 2Dec1820


biography from Portrait & Biographical Album of Mahaska Co., Iowa, 1887

HON. C. J. JACKSON, a farmer and stock- grower, residing on section 4, White Oak Township, was born in Union County, Ind., Dec. 2, 1820, and is the son of Joseph and Lydia (Jeffrey) Jackson. They were natives of North Carolina, but removed to Indiana in the year 1817, and pursued the occupation of farming. Mrs. Jackson died Feb. 8, 1841, and her husband July 20, 1851, at the old home in Indiana. The subject of this sketch, C. Jackson, removed from Indiana to Des Moines county, Iowa, land- ing at Burlington Nov. 14, 1842, and resided there until the year 1864, when he removed to his pres- ent home in White Oak Township, this county. Jan. 14, 1841, Mr. Jackson was married to Miss Ella Hood, a daughter of Martin and Rhoda (Brown) Rood. By this marriage there were eleven childrenÄLydia J. Arabella, Eliza A., Frank L., Martin J., John C., Thomas J., Willie, Henry A., Rhoda M. and Alice L. The mother died March 23, 1883, and Jan. 24, 1884, Mr. Jack- son was married to Parthenia K. Gilchrist, a daugh- ter of Matthew D. and Parthenia (McDonald) Gilchrist One child has been born to themÄ Harry D., Dec. 12, 1886. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are members of the Chris- tian Church. in his political affiliations he is a member of the Republican party. During the res- idence of Mr. Jackson in Des Moines County he was elected a member of the Legislature, and served in the regular session of 1861Ä62 and in the called session of the year 1863 as a member of the House of Representatives. He has been a member of the Board of Supervisors of this county three terms, and has also officiated as Justice of the Peace two terms. The home farm consists of 300 acres of fertile land, all in good cultivation and well improved. His house, barn and other buildings are first class, in all respects. Mr. Jackson is rated as among the successful tanners of Mahaska County, is a man of the higher order of intelligence, of large general information, and thoroughly competent to graple with the intricate problems of the time in which he lives. He is systematic in the conduct of his business, an honorable, upright gentltman, of strictest integrity, well known and highly esteemed. Mr. Jackson, as will be noticed by the date of his arrival in this State, was one of the pioneers of Iowa, and the thrilling scenes through which those early settlers passed in the settlement of the State must ever awaken emotions of warmest regard for them. To pave the way for those who followed, to make their settlement in the West a pleasure, they stemmed the flood-tide wave of civilization, they endured all, suffered all. Though at the outset subjected to all the inconveniences and privations incident to pioneering in a new country, Mr. Jack- son has succeeded admirably, and we find in his life an excellent example for young men just em- barking in the field of active life; of what may be accomplished by a man, beginning poor, but honest, prudent and industrious. In early life he enjoyed but few advantages; his school days were limited, nor had he wealth or position to aid him in starting in life. He relied solely upon his own efforts and his own conduct to win for him success. Nor has his been a success solely in the sense of accumulat- ing wealth, but in doing good to others; in serving others well, and in winning their respect and es- teem. He has ever strictly observed that most important factor in the successful public or busi- ness life of anyoneÄhonesty. He is a careful, conscientious citizen, ever adhering to the dictates of his conscience in matters both of public and private nature. It is therefore with pleasure that we present on an accompanying page the portrait of Mr. Jackson, as that of one of the leading and repreSentative men of the county.

Portrait & Biographical Album of Mahaska Co., Iowa, 1887

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