Race Relations, Discrimination, Integration

It is popular (and greatly supported by governments and political groups that have much to gain) that we all must be divided into many different groups. Commonly this is done by some physical characteristic such as skin pigmentation, how much fat is around the eyes, shape of the nose, the curliness of the hair or if most of it has fallen out, the shape of the face, the color of your eyes, whether you are short or tall, or fat or skinny.

Sometimes this is based on where you grew up, your language or how you say certain words, what kind of shoes you wear, do you wear a tie, what you wear on your head, your tattoos, your jewelry, how many rings you have in your ears, what the letter is on your shirt, the kind of material your clothes are made of, and the list is endless.

But in one family you may have far more variance of appearance! There is the brother, six foot six inches, former basketball player, now "over the hill", pot bellied, bald, standing beside his little sister, a full five foot two inches (she always wears high heels), maybe 100 pounds when wet, long hair down to her waist, and wearing enough jewelry to start her own store. But that's the way families are.

People are made in all sizes, colors, and shapes. And most of them didn't have much to say about it when it happened. Reality is that there is only ONE homo sapiens.

The bickering between groups is much like the bickering between groups of little kids on a playground. One group has "White Sox" baseball caps and the other group has "New York Yankees" on their caps.

The bottom line is that it's what's inside a person that counts. God made each of us as an individual. He doesn't measure our worth by what kind of funny hat we have on or what color our shirt is. He measures us by what we are inside. We should do the same.

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